• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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A Lost Cause

My limbs are numb from the climb but it’s still a long road ahead.
I rest my beat body on the grit of nowhere. Today this coat doesn't do its job, today it refuses to comply. It’s not enough now, to keep the cold away. It’s tired, of running, of fighting. It’s wrestled away its power.
It was tough once, when we ran together. In packs, to do battle against those mightier than we could ever be. We lost more than we won but we had courage. Courage that came from belonging. Being a part of something gave us strength. We knew it wouldn't last, we wouldn't last, something bigger was happening out there and we felt it.
One by one, all lost, all gone.
This land is not for the likes of me now, it’s far too rugged, far too ugly. No, this land is for the ruthless, for the cold-blooded, for them.
Not much time now before they catch up, before I have to move again.