• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 10
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London Transport
Lost Property Office

Dear Mr Mountfield

We are delighted to report that the lawnmower you lost recently while travelling on the Underground has been found. Frankly, we were surprised that such a bulky item could be mislaid so easily. It was thoughtful of you however to put your name on the machine – it helped enormously with identifying your lost item. I wish more passengers were so considerate. So often, items left on trains give us no clue as to the owner’s identity. You should see the myriad racks of unidentified possessions languishing here in the Lost Property Office! We must thank Miss Jane Davenport, a florist from Sidcup, who found your lawnmower. Unfortunately it was blocking one of the double-doors of the tube train and caused some disruption and not a little hot-tempered response from several passengers who were already experiencing high levels of discomfort.

When you come to collect the lawnmower from our office in Baker Street, please ask for the Miscellaneous Section as we have not as yet a section dedicated solely to lawnmowers.

Arnold Harris
London Transport Lost Property Office