• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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Looks like rain…

You’ve probably noticed I’m not looking quite myself?
Well it was like this...
I told the missus, “I’m off for a walk.”
She said, “Are you sure? It looks like rain dear.”
She couldn’t stop laughing so I said, “Put a sock in it, my little caribou.”
Off I went proudly holding my head, and rather splendid antlers, high.
Don’t tell her but she was right. Right as rain, as it happens. It began to rain.
But it wasn’t your normal everyday rain, you know the cats and dogs sort of rain, the old man snoring type of precipitation, the stair rods sort of wet stuff.
No, it was acid rain. The Greenpeace type of rain, the Friends of the Earth sort of precipitation, the category of rain that doesn’t refresh.
Well look at the picture my mate took. He told me to smile but I don’t feel much like smiling these days as I ain’t got no body as the old song goes. Now you might think this is a metaphor for the state of the world and what we are doing to it but for me it’s my life.