• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

Looking Out: Passing Through

Astonished, we see the levelled rainbow flares,
iced by blue, stretched out there. Spun colours
refract in our greyed-out universe – calling
us back from despair to weave fresh, threaded futures.
Mesmerised, we stare. Belatedly, we notice
diamond-knitted wires, strung taut, caging
us in yesterdays. We halt our dreams, seek
practical solutions – beg our forebears,
fine artisans, to set us free, move us toward
precious lights. A disembodied gnarled hand
proffers wire-cutters. Snip and snap releases us,
new-born risk takers, to find a gaping hole: a chance
to strike out. Today, we head for communal liberty: kaleidoscoped fates, zinging, zany possibilities,
as we exult, walk our paths in unity,
bound together by mutual consent.