• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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Figure One
Our bodies aren’t slumping. Neither of us is a round-shouldered, grumpy commuter waiting for a train. This morning, we showered and had a fortifying breakfast. I admit that our flat’s in a bit of a mess: damp towels in the living room; crumbs across the kitchen floor. But we were in a hurry to be presentable. And that’s what we are. We look good, arms back, relaxed, shoulders appreciating the wall’s support. As for our legs, they’re alert, ready to carry us through the adventure of another day. Our stance is positive, dynamic. It reflects our personalities. What do you think? Am I right?

Figure Two
I want to sit down.


The Planet
People baffle me. Why do you travel underground?
Don’t reply that you have no choice because the streets above are congested. Who jammed them in the first place?
What goes through your minds? Not only do you peregrinate under the earth: you apply expensive elements of design to render the experience logical.
The glass blocks, glazed ceiling bricks, emerald lighting, perforated metal door, decorative marble platform … these form a tubular waiting area encouraging you to accept that your presence makes sense.
Anyhow, I’ve had enough. I desire you to consider my viewpoint. Beasts such as worms and moles, not humans, move under the ground.
I will act.



With a modest tectonic movement, I could crush the tunnels through which you traverse.
I’m not unreasonable, though. You see those two figures on this otherwise deserted platform? I’ll urge them to tell the world that natural air and surroundings are always preferable.
Take note: that’s me approaching. I’m preceding my arrival with a calming, aquamarine glow. I wish to create a serene environment in which to converse.
Let’s hope the figures straighten up and pay attention.