• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01

Living Dead

I lived long ago –
On a land where Gods themselves walked,
I lived in all the rituals and
Each day was marvelously led to a fruition –
I thought.
Because I believed in karma –
The living people's stuff;
The philosophy that everyone believes in here;
And thought that I would survive for eternity;
But one day he came –
Riding his bull and
holding a whip in his hands.
We talked for some time as I lay on my bed – my death bed.
He saw me – all goods, better and bests of my karmas,
And then it was time to go along with him.
So we departed.
Behind me they cried – the near ones I held dearer.
But lo! They forgot me on the tenth day.
And now I breathe in the eternity of
dead people's stuff.
Actually, the breath is not the living people's stuff,
It is dead people's stuff that
They leave behind and then
return to the realm where
everyone is born, dead and reborn.