• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 12
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Little Lena

Come in. Yes, we’re both well. Lena’s playing outside. She’s happy on her own. She has a vivid imagination – little Lena. You wouldn’t believe the things she does sometimes. The things she says. Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in that small head of hers. Once she insisted she was a cat. I’m not a girl, she told me. I know! She licked milk straight from saucer. Was out in the playground crawling around on all fours and meowing. Slept in a nest of blankets on the floor of her bedroom. Funny little thing.

Another time we were walking past Mr. Wilson’s house. Yes, the old man on the corner. And Lena ran in front of him while he was mowing his lawn. I know! Scared the life out of me. Lena told him to stop because they were in pain. Exactly! Who’s in pain? The grass of course, would you believe it? Lena said she could hear it screaming.

Oh, and listen to this. This is funny. Just last week Lena came into my bedroom in the middle of the night. She told me that she needed to go outside. Needed to go to the woods. Yes, that bit of wasteland beyond the supermarket. She calls it the woods for some reason. Why, darling, I asked her. She said it was important. There was a gathering in the woods and she needed to go. Well, of course not! I walked her straight back to her bed and tucked her up. I told her we’d go there in the morning. She cried and said that it would be too late. I know! A gathering in the woods? Ha!

Was I like that as a child? Oh no. Never. It’s like she was switched at birth in the hospital. Like she belongs to some other family. I guess she’ll grow out of it especially when she starts school. The teachers won’t put up with that nonsense, will they?


Little Lena

Here she is now. Hello Lena. What are you holding? Well, I see it’s a key but where did you find it. Oh, that’s a funny answer. Give me the key, sweetie. We should ask the neighbours if they’ve lost it. Someone may be looking for it. Lena! Where are you going with the key? Is she going into the cellar? Yes, she is. She’s a funny thing. Well, she’ll be back up in a minute. It’s dusty and dark down there. I’ll put the kettle on. Do you have time for a cuppa?