• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 01

Listen…They’re Talking!

Perching on my desk,
Brooding over these thoughts
Last night,
What I witnessed,
Was something perturbing me lots!

I rise in the morning
And witness these sights
Sight that lynched my neighbour next door,
Sight that celebrated my success to the core.
The enigmatic beauty
And the magnificent views
Impairs everything when I see
Rapes, murders, trafficking all over the news!

The first time,
When I saw a shooting star in the sky,
The first time,
I won my favourite game,
The first time,
When I fell in love,
And the first time,
I felt that steamy kiss,
All these first moments,
Kind of stirred my soul
Those spark in my eyes
And the élan to do more,
Nothing in the world
Can stop me from reaching the shore!


Listen…They’re Talking!

My eyes and yours
Talk a lot
I assure.
You hide so much from me
But they’re loyal,
And tell me all of it
The moment they see me!

They’re pure and clear
There are lies and there is fear
Anger when they learn the harsh truth
Hapless when they’re helpless
Happiness when love shines bright
Illuminates with joy when things go right!