• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 10
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Lipstick Covered Revenge

'Wish you were here,' it said in big, bold letters.
"That nasty bitch." I scowled at the photo inspired postcard gripped tightly in my hand. I'd show her.
I grabbed my bright red lipstick and proceeded to cover her bikini clad body snuggled up tight against Jake. She knew he'd invited me personally and she knew I couldn't go because of my parent's stupid anniversary party. But I'd show her. She thinks she’s all that with her perfectly toned body and ample cleavage. Well, two can play that game.
"Think you can take him from me do you, Natalie?" I spat out as I planned my revenge.
Outlining the perfect set of lips in a glorious smile across her postcard, I smiled to myself.
Oh yes, revenge would be sweet.
I created the perfect set of lips to go with the grin on my face. I turned picking up my mobile phone from my nightstand. Time to put my plan into action. I began a new text to Jake.
Hey, Jake, see you're having lots of fun on the yacht, hope you're looking forward to a lot more when you return xxx.
That should do it I smiled looking at the postcard that still displayed his tanned, muscular body. Jake had been asking me out for months and Natalie knew it. She also knew that I was going to say yes. She’d taken her vendetta against me too far this time and now it was time for payback. I'd have my revenge and send Natalie my very own photo inspired postcard.