• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 02
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being ignored is normal for you
it happens nearly every day
in a crowd or alone -
you choose to count colours
or guess what others are saying to others
on the opposite side of a café
have become expert in putting words
into other people's mouths
and here on this shore you can scream
or lament to the rocks
that nature has shaped into a lion
and a long nosed witch
where the first looks kingly aloof
while the witch gazes madly at the lower rocks
and you stand on a rock and berate
them as they ignore you
even though you have become a white light
that shines and reflects from them
it does you good to do this on a clear night -
clear the sinuses and the mind
as a glimmer of dawn
begins its daily mystery that will resolve
into another day where the sun
when it shines never ignores you
unlike the rest of the world that comprises
all the lions and witches who you now ignore