• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10


yellow pullover blue bellbottoms boots
I still remember her fingers surveying
a magazine my gynaecologist‘s waiting
lounge was empty except for the two
of us she didn’t even notice when I entered
I was nervous because the lump was growing

it’s amazing how anxiety sharpens
our observation skills how the mind
counterattacks our thoughts distracts
how a stranger becomes interesting
the magazine on her lap lay unopened while
her hand ran over the glossy cover she just
sat there staring at the opposite wall like
she was memorising the picture

I watched her thought bubble expand
in a v-shape opening up the ceiling spinning
stars tumbled with cloud waves the corner where
we all keep a bit of hope hosted a rainbow my lump
was growing I named her lily

lily which wasn’t her name got up
when the nurse called out to her put aside
the magazine fiddled with something
by her side unfolded a white cane and tapped
her way to the doctor’s room the ceiling closed up
again the room went back to its sterile former self