• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 09

Like a Sip of Wine

do you hear the melodies of the
days that went by like the apricating pale
pages of an old book with the caress of the wind?
do you remember the serene places we used to walk
and our eyes would look like the shore
of a sea where waves flop melting into
a scatteration of foamy glitter?
do those memories of listening to soothing
music and retrospecting about the
halcyon days of youth still linger
in the crevices of your mind,
and in the chambers of your heart?
does your heart still smile gloomily
blending with the crests of the tones
of the lullaby that your mom sung you
as you rested your head in her lap?
does your mind still float in the
mist of the moments you coloured
with your friends as your eyes mirror in the
glass of the frame that stands before you
holding the glimpse (now withering) of
your past grey-hued
in its palm? isn't this music that rings in
your ears an envelope of the moments
that chant like thrushes in your heart? isn't
it like taking a sip of wine
that paints your world with happy tears,
sunshine, and love?