• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 10

Like a Poem Read Aloud

The verdant hue of the cut grass
porous skin of the blue skies
stretched like an endless tarpaulin
pitted with shimmering stars in our bleary eyes
fluffy cumulus morphing
birthing a dream every single moment
molding new shapes with every single blink

The pale crimson tinge of blooming lilies
an outward growing expression of love,
Spring came tiptoed in my backyard
unabashed wildflowers blossoming
flourishing with complete abandon

Growing in the monsoon infused soil
breaking through the pain,
petrichor seeping in our porous souls
grass blades pierce this loneliness
gives it a surreal name

The patch of the wildflowers
soaking the apricity of the sun
This fecundity of emotion
the serenade of the rustling leaves,
is spilling in every possible direction


Like a Poem Read Aloud

Seeping surreptitiously into our parched
soul every time I flung my arms open
stretching and jumping across the puddles
making ripples in the pond
breaking its thin skin

The electrified hum of the bees
forming a poem inside my mouth
Oh!! to be young and joyous again
the symphony which births inside us
syncopating and resurrecting us aloud

Transfixed by this divine moment
Beauty and its fecundity;
We are baring our souls
Here and Now
When everything stops
but Nature starts healing,
Like a poem read aloud.