• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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Light Upon Light

And when the path grows too dark to see even
the bright parts of me, have faith in the sound
of my voice. I’m here. I’m still the one leading.
– Paige Lewis

To the serenity that weighs
to insignificance in this body,

remain calm. The gate has spread out
its palms to pour grace into your name.

This body wishes to water the fire
burning inside it & grow new seeds

of green bliss. It is craving a walk
through grace & have a taste of solace. 

Believe me, nights are not dark.
They are as bright as the light the moon

takes from the sun. Ya Rabbi, bless
this soul & turn on its lamp to erase

the shadiness of ruin standing
on its bones. Bless the broken.