• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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A pair of plastic lungs,
They smoulder with the thirst for air.
A single breath; one inhalation,
It brims with the barbs and edges of anguish
The final burden of loss.

Titanium heavy is this synthetic heart,
My mind of fractured gear and cog.
A life revolving the coils of toil.

Slithering past ever so quiet,
An impenetrable umbra.
It holds the key of age and youth,
Neither gift will reach this soul.

The tick is the deter of imminent doom,
The tock is the spur of devil figurehead.
Leeched of light, time: no more.

Splintered shards of artifice,
The last breath taken was never there.
And feather light, Death caresses this lifeless mannequin.