• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 11
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If only they knew the pain behind my eyes.
To stand here feeling every stroke he lovingly administers to the love of his life, my heart aches for to feel what she feels.
To see the look in his eyes as he bathes her, combs here, dotes on her every need, what I would give for him to love me so.
If they only knew my silence.
I stand behind him waiting. My collar chokes me while his love's caresses her. My leash bites while hers, soft and supple is her life line. I dare never to question or ask as she does. I keep my eyes lowered and my stance placid. It is not my place to show pride for his approval and attention.
Do they see what I strive to hide?
Perhaps in time I shall win his attention and admiration. Who knows, one day I may make him proud enough to show such loving care at my grooming. In time...
If only I had a coat over my skin to please him.
Perhaps then I might be granted his bed to share and see my cage left bare.
If only they knew who was his love and who was his pet.