• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Life Stolen

One moment breathing, next moment not.
On the cusp of success, barely knowing your lot
And so you are locked forever in time
Grenfell never part of your life’s design
Smooth and cherubic of cheek and face
Like a perfect relief we will never erase.
Too much to contemplate, too much to bear
See you with your mother, both lying there
Still. Quiet. Behind the mask of death
Lifeless, both. No chance of a breath.
No more, never, ever to awake
The tears that fall, the hearts that break
So much achieved, so much more might have been
As you watched, recorded, achieved the unseen
Your legacy survives, challenging and true
Encouraging others, so much to pursue.
You, so young, but all was not in vain
So much you conveyed with gentle restrain
Dignified, inspirational, a one off, rare
Teaching us gently just how to care
And we will not forget
We cannot not forget