• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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I gaze at you wonderingly
You, who come to my sanct with entrapments of the human world—the lens that draws my emotion, imposed against the horizon
Where the diaphanous clouds wander above the ocean.
Oh look! Again you capture my picture
But not the serenity in me, as I straddle the three worlds—dharti, akaash and paatal.
Today you cannot say to me that I am unclean
That I live and breed in sewers
That my temper is of the worst kind
That I am a beast of the lowest rung
See me! I say today...
Rather I declare
Look at the pristine surroundings I live in.
I feel cheerful from within, my family—
whistles and grunts
I am a beast, misunderstood and relegated,
But ensconced in this realm of beauty I stand liberated.
Dirty as a pig no more...