• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12


Hi Chewbacca, my friend.
Are you ok down there?
You’re not saying too much.

Hey Limey,
Just pondering.
Why are you always at the head?

At the head of what?

At the top, weighing us down?

I could argue that you are at the head.
You are our foundation,
carrying the weight of our minds.

But you are at the top, seeing
farther with vision guided
by some cosmic place.
A view we don’t seem to have.

E.T., you have a heart like Jedi Master,
small but powerful. You don’t say much.
You’re in the middle
what can you see?

I see three as perfect existence.
By the way, Chewy, LGM is their name.
They have three eyes; there are three of us
with three minds—three is uniquely significant.



Chewbacca, you are our foundation
and give us judgment,
I am heart and impart wisdom, and LGMs
not really at the top,
but holding together
with our collective mind.

We’re in perfect harmony.

Yeah! We didn’t even need our bodies,
no one is out of line.
Together we free minds.
We are balanced, universally speaking.

Yes, Chewy. You get it.
is not the first day
that you will get this.
It will be like the rest of our days,
collectively intelligent.