• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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It is not what I hoped it would be.
This ‘returning to’.

“Oh yes, let’s go back there some day.”

This coming back to.
Meant to be a 'repeat' really
I can tell now, by the longing in my heart.
I did not want to revisit.
In truth I wanted to relive.

Thereby Relieve?

To relive or rather refeel the love that was.
For it is the love I longed for.

It just staged itself as sofa, walls, windows.

“Oh yes, let’s go back there some day.”

I remember the frame within which love was held.
Ever rip in wallpaper, ever uneven tile that
click clacked.

“Oh yes, let’s go back there some day.”

But now that you are gone.
Now that you no longer reside here

neither does love.

I see that now.



And what relief is there then, in this stumble into what was?

I merely returned to cold rubble.
No trace of you.

Not even the lighting seems right
it merely holds something which feels like
the scent of something close to you.

Almost but not quite.

As if you just up and walked out of the room?
Right now, five minutes ago. Yesterday.

Did you?

Did I just miss you?

For you see I came all this way.
All this way.

Did you?