• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 11
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Let us dwell, a little longer

Come my love, let us be with nature
free ourselves of Ennui’s grip
I hear the shores that nurture
I smell the salty tears of Plath, drip

Of conquering tea leaves she sang
Of undeniable hope, her pulsed meter rang.

See now Dear, steps – one at a time
sinking, deep – with each footprint surrender
wading through isles of vanquished History’s mile
that enticing hug of needy sand, felt between each toes murmur

A jar – as empty as the blue Sky, reflected in our eyes
A chance, to gather mementos that tease-out our smiles.

Oh, am I lost once more, to life’s unbearable strain?
Tell me: why do you choose to disappear so suddenly
and sweep away your half of our reverie’s tracks.
I see only one set of footprints, in this path we shared
where do your size 11’s sink to?

Are these, your farewell notes: jarring concoction
of insects and seashells on a carpet of gold dust glass?

I know nothing of their meaning
maybe they have none, though they each shimmer
with the unbending will of survival’s zeal.
Are you smirking at me? I feel you – teasing
out of reach you grow lairy, but be wary: I simmer
with far too much dedication, for distance to ease your fear.


Let us dwell, a little longer

Fine then, I will turn back
The kids beckon at reality’s mirror
Time to swap this mourning black
Submit, to the Sun kissed blessing of existence’s colourful skin
Sweet: are this short lulls you entice me to dwell-in
Frowning, I stare expressionless but within me: we remain dancing.

Wait, you senile old clown
Why have you had me gripping this oversized carrot, all this while?
Well, if memory serves, you’re thinking far – far too much: of yourself…

Still, my loyal Dear visit again, soon – ever sooner
and let us dwell, evermore: in the buffoonery you so enjoy.