• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Let them

It's not a given, wealth, health, food, water, even happiness
                —but to breathe.
The moment you are born and take that first blessed breath your life has begun,
No matter the family you are raised in or the one you may eventually make,
One thing should be a given, to breathe,
How many times shall a travesty occur?
How many lives are to be lost, because they were not able to breathe.
We cannot allow these moments to become just memories that we look back on and scold those who did wrong.
This would make us just as guilty.
                —nefes almak.
Let these horrific moments be a spark to ignite the change that has been so long overdue,
                —asam te haal.
Of all the varied challenges each one of us will inevitably face in our lifetime,
The right to breathe should not be one of them,

On this beautiful, wild and unpredictable place we call earth, our home, there are over six thousand and five hundred languages to be spoken.
Breathe, it can be said in any language, so when will we start to listen and understand.

Atmen, nafas, kupumua, manawa, bernafas, ukuphefumula.
                Let them Breathe.