• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07


Let me be alone for a second, without the absurd
of our century’s documentary noise—the real face
of chaos, without our millennium’s repeatable transfiguration—
the passion of chaos, let me see if I can get up, let me be a guide
of my aspirations, let me hear a song of solitude,
let me feel the language of my heartbeats, where you are
the cause of all the heartbeats, when you are the effect
of all life. I can understand people who don’t understand me,
but I cannot sympathize with those, or forgive, who can live
without silence. I’d like to share silence with you now, and its harmony—
the nature of floating silence. I think I understand you
and I am calling you, right now, after all these centuries,
after all their distance. I love our distance—I love its silence,
our silence is what our freedom is, our freedom is what our ideal is,
our ideal is what our life is, our life is what our heart is.