• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 03

Leave to Stay

Delay has seen my sight change into its final phase. Soon I will lose it all and my world will turn into a place where no light lingers and shapes will be lost to walls of black.

Treatment, like education, is not for the likes of me. I am the wrong gender, class, colour, race, but mostly I have no money to bribe the rich. I have no option but to flee. That is why I am here by the wire fence with bolt cutters. Flashes of yellow, violet and gradients of red distort my view of the other side. A building hovers in the haze. A mirage of my future life tantilises.

I hear sounds behind me, human voices and angry dogs. Something whistles past me. It’s now or never. I step through the fence to the other side, a side where I shall have to plead my case. I can only hope that leave to stay is not denied me, and that treatment comes before times slips away and the colours fade to black.