• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 11
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Leave the Light On

There are full rooms and empty rooms—
and a long stairwell leading to the beginning of it all.
Concrete steps lead back up
to where we are now—
where the light sometimes shines a warm hue
of gold, or burnished red.
Other times, I am reminded of aqua waves
and an otherworldly violet.

The people come and go.
It is seldom the same collection,
and yet, the gathering always has—
someone laughing
someone singing
someone crying
someone arguing
someone feeling lonely
and someone wanting to flee.

There must always be room for
empty compartments—
places only your singular heart
knows how to find.
If the rooms are always full—
too full—
the mind has nowhere to go.
There is no refuge from the noise and clamor.


Leave the Light On

Safeguard the heart.
Protect the tiny space of comfort
you reserve for reveries.
Keep the staircase well lit.