• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 08
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Learning to live again

Haunted by her fear of rejection Sophie forced herself to take a holiday. She hoped meeting new people would boost her confidence.
She donned her favourite hat and casual clothes and headed off to the picturesque Yorkshire countryside. A messy divorce had completely destroyed her self esteem. She vowed never to get involved again and was getting used to her own company.
She had become very sinister and didn't trust anyone. She was almost in danger of becoming a complete recluse. In need of a hobby she started painting just to fill her life with something. She thought she was rubbish but a few arty colleagues thought she was talented. Sophie was convinced they were being kind.
Then everything changed, she met Jeremy a fellow artist. He painted her portrait. She still couldn't bring herself to smile or relax. Perhaps in time she would. If she could forget her past and allow herself to live.