• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 10

Leaping Over Unknown Waters

Humans long to fly,
suspended over the earth,
unfettered by its strong pull of gravity.
The artist’s mind propels itself
above cloud cover,
around jagged rocks,
and through narrow pathways.
To paint, to write, to make music
on a blank canvas
is to fashion new worlds
out of the thinnest air.
The dancer’s body
is a clever instrument.
Muscled limbs become a scissor kick in the wind,
an open-angled warrior pose,
the leaping over unknown waters
with a wide-open heart.
Unnatural feats live inside the
arms and legs of the dancer.
She sees beyond the confines of body.
He knows the freedom
that only movement brings—
movement out of the old ways of seeing
and being.
Point to where you need to be
and make the grand jeté.
to the other side.