• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

Late-Night Conversations

I'm feeling the vibes, the flows, and the motions.
No physical, only the frequency of the soul connection.
Mirrors, we are analyzing the reflection.
Learning the depth through these late-night conversations.
Can't wait for the physical vibrations,
not having to rely solely on the visualization.
My mind has been going in loops.
Tryna create a different world,
with 2 different views.
Talking to the 4 walls in my room.
Energy can't be replicated with you.
Had to learn to trust what was meant to be.
The image always distorted in the mind,
Like the waves in a sea.
Sun pigmented my soul, mirrored my internal.
Lights like a spotlight at a show.
Synonyms and antonyms always found to be opposites,
Even though they started from the same hypothesis.
Energy never lies.
We keep that phrase on our promises.
Moon comes in phases,
passing through time got me phasing.
We full through every piece, just gotta rearrange it.