• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 11
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in your eye I see reflected
the land before the enclosures
how it spread out as far as the eye could see
before we were driven from our island life
before we crossed the wet roads
how you carried us through shallow fords
over bridges and down long narrow roads
widening out until they reached the city
and we brought you to a place
where we could no longer run free

we were tired, become tied to other’s rules
we were misplaced, we had forgotten our home
but now when I look deep into your eye
I see a moon rising over a wind-rinsed beach

and I take your coarse hair in both hands
and you let me climb up on your broad shoulders
we are pacing old routes, side stepping the tide
we are racing faster than our hearts can pound
together, in time, through time
we become centaur, my eyes are your eyes
my breath shoots through your nostrils
I feel the sand shift beneath our feet
I feel the surf spittle slap against our flanks
and now I remember

and there is only this sky, this sea
this beast, this moment
and we run
and we run