• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 04
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L’Anachronisme de l’anarchie

“Do not attempt to matronize me
with your low-brow stare, grandmère.
I know your sort, have read your histoires:
released from your Fifties corsets,
expressing yourselves … everywhere,
mini-jupes up to your minges,
freed from shame by The Pill,
you chased liberty like bitches on heat,
burning your bras, tits challenging
the patriarchy wherever they imagined it,
every demo an opportunity
to yell a good man down.

You were an anti-Vietnam veteran,
a ban-the-bomber,
a nuclear-power-non-merci protester,
a Dany Le Rouge groupie,
tearing up the trottoirs
on the Rive Gauche in ‘68.

Trot along, now, Madame.
This is a new era.
Your 60’s, hippie peacenik dreams
are not relevant now.
More ‘Make Love, Not War’
would leave you overrun
by an authoritarianism
your limited imagination
has not permitted you to dream about,
even in your worst nightmares.


L’Anachronisme de l’anarchie

I need to protect you from that,
for your own good.
Your barefaced, slapfaced cheeks
would soon be wiped off
the face of Gay Paris. In fact,
there would be no gaiety, anywhere.
You need me to preserve the freedoms
you prize so much.

Your world view has had its day, Madame.
Conservatism is the new counter-culture.
Jog along now, or be rolled over
beneath the juggernaut
I am here to preempt.
You need the red pill, Madame.
your dull eyes betray your unwoke condition.
Your red hair’s as fake as your ‘Événements passés’
Your red cheeks are dated and don’t fool me.

You’re soft flesh in the path of hard truth.
You must cede for the greater good.
You think I’m the enemy. You are wrong.
I am an essential component
in the anti-resistance machine,
necessary to prevent your bleeding heart
opening the legs of our nation
to the shafting of all time.


L’Anachronisme de l’anarchie

I am here to move you
and your ever-open arms to the sidelines.
I need to be your human shield,
a wall of flesh to defend you
from certain violation.
We can’t have free love on our streets
it will end in more loss of freedom
than you think you are seeing
here and now, in front of you.

In the new era of Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité,
my brotherhood will secure
your grandchildren's freedom,
neutralize any challenge they face.
So step aside now, madame.
Permit me to supersede you.
L'anachronisme est la bête noire de l'histoire.”