• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 08
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Lady of the Wayside

Lady of the untried
Parading her petals
She's planted herself here
To see would she be picked.

Sure enough, here's a boy
He calls her his flower
She warms to his sun
They grow strong together.

Soon she flies his colours
He takes a leaf from her book
Each the other's stake
Blooming equals

Lady of the low tide
Striving heliotrope
Winter comes and he can't see.
Yes, winter comes and she won't see.
But come it does and his sun wanes
Stay it does and her stem strains.

She's read all the books
Seen all the movies
She can't let it happen
They have to be happy.


Lady of the Wayside

Lady of the downside
Trying to creep back up
She tries. She stretches. She feeds
On someone else's bliss
Someone else's story.
His own for starters. He's right here after all.

But then he's right here.
Roots overtaking. Limbs overshading. Leaves over-

Lady of the landslide
Roots clinging to notions
'What about our own patch?
I have seen how it's done
Row after row. Sow and grow'
Glass house.

Lady of the wayside
Unwitting topiary
She has grown oh-so-well
in the green hands of hope
Delusion and despair.

None more diligent
Than her own.
Gardener of her own


Lady of the Wayside

Lady of the wide-eyed
Blossomed iris
Finally she can see
She's flying his colours
On the outside only.

Out with the silence
Out with the lies
Out with others' dreams
That just don't apply

Lady of woe-betide
Hard pressed
Crumpled, paper thin
She watches. Wonders. Waits.
Nothing needs to happen
Just yet.

Lady of far and wide
Rewilded, unwilted
Looking for brand-new soil
Anywhere will do now
No matter who comes by
She's her own dowsing rod.

Lady of the wayside
Left to her own devices
She's planted herself here
To watch herself grow.