• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 07

Ladders and snakes

Sitting unobserved and sipping coffee,
Lunchtime in the city,
A grey day clouded with dark thoughts.

Unnoticed at work,
A colourless drone,
Living in the netherworld of lost administrators.

Watching others slither upwards,
Devouring ideas,
Puffing themselves up with slick, venomous words.

Floating in a corporate sea,
Waiting for a new harvest of interns,
To welcome into their labyrinthine coils.

Suck out their enthusiasm and desire to please,
And regurgitated the ghost-like remains,
Into the limbo of lost hopes.

But small snakes can be more dangerous,
They can camouflage themselves,
Hide themselves in office comers.

They want to be unobserved,
Until without warning they strike,
And watch the Jörmungandr* of business fall.

*A sea serpent from Norse mythology that encircled the world.