• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 02
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Lactose Abstraction

Under the early light of Dawn’s
shimmering saffron robe, sunrays
melt overcast condensation,
quail and pheasants scan and pick
disked furrows for loose grain
amid recently harvested wheat fields;
rumbling deceptive sounds herald
invisible skewbald gypsy caravans
hoovering high above, wooden
rolling cart wheels squealing
cheerfully across cerulean skies.

Cumulus, orographic, cirrus,
mammatus, and lenticular clouds
hang vertical, suspended by
rigid polyester kite strings from
the heavens like cotton billows
dangling below thick threads of
an ever-unraveling firmament, all
over a surreal dreamscape aligning
red cap milk bottle madness stacked
like 16 ounce translucent bowling pins
awaiting mother nature’s strike.