• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Knowing what it is to create

See – she said – see what is not there to see
No, not just behind the billboards
Of feats that swagger in gutsy spree.
Even cupboards with glass doors hoard
Compulsive reckless moments
On their knees, imploring
The Gods of good omens
To appear and transform their boring
Wait for attention. And a conversation.
All this is there for all to see
And even hear their whining narration.
To see is to see what you cannot see.
When you can do this, you will know
That the right to write
Does not always show
How distinct wrong is from right.

See – she said – see beyond insights
That see only what all have seen
In flashlights, floodlights and highlights
That may pierce even a smoke screen.

Close your eyes, pull down your swanky hat
Turn the other way, walk another path
Strike a conversation, have an online chat
Or just have a long and thoughtful bubble-bath
And you may finally understand
That turning inwards is not about more or new
But wiping away to enter the unlearning hinterland
And sipping your own brew.