• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05


First, take the lobster
crack its chitinous carapace
suck the juices from the
once magnificent creature
alien to us, but easily destroyed
slurp the roe, countless futures

turn next to the dog
begin by consuming
its hair, back to front
keratin and chitin are both
sources of protein
so don’t avoid cracking the lobster
shell between your teeth

marrow from the dog’s bones
stewed monkey brains served
in a dish made of its own skull
fruit, fresh, fermented, sickly sweet
of the earth, earth you fill your mouth with

next turn to the wine-skin, wrapped in wicker
consume the contents, then the skin
finally, fill your mouth with the brittle, sharp
wicker, and chew, allow the pointy edges
to pierce your gums and fill your mouth
with blood.



You are getting larger
darkening the sky
blotting out the sun
your hunger wages war
there will be no winners.