• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 11
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The king in the car park.

The king in the car park
Was Richard III
They have found his remains at last
And so spread the word
He was known for his hunchback
Or was that Shakespearian spin?
He did fight Henry Tudor at Bosworth
Poor Richard did not win

The king in the car park
Under layers of tarmac
He murdered his way to the throne
Knifing close allies in the back
Shakespeare had him say
"My kingdom for a horse"
He gained and lost the crown
With a sword and by force

The king in the car park
Lay there for hundreds of years
The wars that were fought... long forgotten
Along with most of his peers
Technology, society, life is much improved
And England remains still a monarchy today
He was the last medieval king
I wonder what King Richard would have made of today?