• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12


first there was Chewie   slave warrior    Solo sidekick
his giant head roared out sounds   of bear  & tiger &
walrus & lion & camel    he was noble he was from Kashyyk
on an ancient planet long ago     he endured sequels &
prequels        and in the last days of the Empire    
came Lumpawarrump     son of Chewie   who begat Akshotkuu   
who begat  Teewaa     who came to Earth     befriended Elliott    
Teewaa long in exile      far from home & sad     Teewaa Jedi
son & heir       begat toys in his image     begat the three-eyed
Aliens         as prophesied long   long   long    ago     in a galaxy
far    far    away         and The Aliens multiplied and then
there was me and you     searching for our past     questing
questioning      we need you now Chewie     we drink to you