• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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Kindred Spirits

Out from the wild he came.
He didn't roar, snarl or growl,
yet I knew he could.
Born to hunt, born to kill.
But he took food from my bare hands
and licked my fingers clean with his
rough pink tongue.
Then purred with contentment.
We understood each other.
We trusted each other.
The bond was great,
we were inseparable.
Kindred spirits.
Perhaps we saw into each others souls.
Or had experienced a previous existence together
if you believe in that sort of thing, as I did.
The creature stirred , opened his eyes to look at me.
I was sure he winked.
Could he have?
Is it possible?
I smiled to myself and continued to daydream
about what might have brought us together
And now!