• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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You are silent, resilient 

Closed eyed, shut wide

In black and white you present

Your blackness is strong, present


Defined by wisdom that is timeless

But the pain because now you're lifeless

Exuding a quiet strength of pride

An injustice to now be denied 

The growth of your limitless talent

But I bask in the glory of your statement


This moment in time captured, now 

Feels as though I know you somehow 



Your artistry

Now herstory 

Yours, mine, ours



I could look for hours

At this self image of you 

Beautiful, defiant and true

In this I witness your journey 

Your pain, your story, your glory

As a young black woman artist 

And now we must be your archivist

Ensure your greatness is remembered

Preserved, cherished and treasured

But for now staying still my only goal

Gazing into the depths of your soul

Observing your  eyes shut wide

The tilt of your head, wrap tied 

Strong presence, quiet confidence 

And resilient resistance 

You may be departed physically

But reign eternal spiritually.