• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 08
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The key

I see myself opening the eyes. The chaos surrounds me. I find myself in an empty room filled with soap bubbles, fruits and flowers. Like in a Great Gatsby party but without music, drink or fancy people. I feel dizzy. I grab my eyes and try to walk across the room. I can feel the soap bubbles touching my skin, they kind of wake me up. After a few steps, a figure starts to call my attention.

- What is that?

I keep walking until I reach the strange object. Finally I can see it clear, it is a wooden chest. I touch every single corner of it trying to figure out how it could be opened.

- Damn it.

It has a lock. I stand up and start walking again along the room searching something useful to open it. While I'm checking the floor, I look up and see my image reflected in a mirror. My hair is short again and from my neck is hanging a necklace with a small key.

After my surprise, I come back to the wooden chest and take my necklace to open it. Once it is open, I look inside and all I can see is water. And my reflection. Me again, with my actual long hair and a big smile on my face. Then, I put my face inside the chest and I can feel the fresh water on my skin. And I fade.

Suddenly I wake up. At home. I open my eyes, the chaos surrounds me. But this time I know where is the key to reestablish the order. In me.