• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 09
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Kerchief Nostalgia

Inhaling fresh hope, exhaling dysfunction
justice on edge enjoys an extended hiatus as
concealed compassion sighs then gasps,
bleeds through sepia photograph frames (respire)—
breathe truths unshakable, unique, enduring
like unalterable antique daguerreotype
images—distorted only by demigods in the
guise of deliverance, panting false prophets
offering quixotic sermons. Caverns of choice,
elliptical dreams, progressive barriers of oblivion.

Saltine crackers linked with kite string form
a makeshift sleep mask, attempt to shield
honest eyes cringing at impending disasters,
like unfulfilled promises of safety and accountability,
convincingly uttered in the Grenfell Tower Fire aftermath,
where equity’s been obscured by political discourse,
envy and covetousness defined civilized parameters,
perpetually privileging a select few. Keep breathing;
let lasting change rise from the ashes,
may the glue binding all to a revolution resist factions.