• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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Keeping It Simple

In a way, right, now bear with me – in a way, I was thinking it looks more like a raccoon than a wolf anyway – facially I mean; there’s this little black patch around the eye that sort of looks like – yeah – so we could play with that. You know, changing perceptions and? – well obviously it’s a wolf, but there’s that patch – look, I know it’s a wolf actually I just thought –

You do. You pay me to think. That is what you – well I don’t know, there’s no pleasing some people. But we always keep it simple, I just – I thought, transformations, you know, seeing one thing as another – don’t look at me like that, I hate it when you look at me like that! No I’m not finished!

Right, alright, another one. You might like this one. Look, if you cut the picture in half yeah, down the centre, or maybe not the exact centre, just along the line of the, the wolf’s neck, right, and then switch the halves round, the mountain that’s on the left hand edge matches up with the mountain on the right hand edge, so it – it forms a new mountain right? In the middle there? With two wolves, only you can’t see the whole of either wolf and it just adds this sort of mystery to the whole thing. Like maybe these valleys just keep going on and on, symmetrical, right, with a – with a wolf in each one and the same road and then the – and I mean we don’t have to say any of this so much, just sort of show it, right, so the image sort of flickers and rolls and reels and the audience – fine, fine the viewers – start thinking what if the whole world is like this valley right? This is all of it. And then, and then, the Audi comes around the last hairpin.

Look, I didn’t get into this job to churn out more of the same – I want to do something different. I mean what is new about a wolf on a hill? Why is that gonna make anyone buy anything?


Keeping It Simple

We don’t pay you for this, Mr. Hicks. We pay you for slogans. Something grand, please. Something majestic. On my desk by tomorrow morning. Thank you.

The new Audi A764839Z: Makes you drive like a wolf.
The new Audi A764839Z: Like Scotland but better.
The new Audi A764839Z: Feel the sunrise.
The new Audi A764839Z: Something is always watching you.
??? Every morning,
he howls to the world.
I am here.
This is my time.???

The new Audi A764839Z: Majestic.