• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 11


Catherine waited.
Father watched.

Anticipation hung like notes in the air, massaged by banjo, fiddle and voice.
Not only did Hector keep her waiting but he sent the whole damn band to welcome her. Father was not pleased. He trod the boards, itching for sign of arrival, a message, anything. Peering beyond the shore with a desperate gaze he beckoned Catherine back to the boat. Time to leave.

Catherine waited.

Children began to dance and sing along with the band. The hull of each ship echoed a dull rhythm below the waves, feet tapping a welcome to those living both land and sea.

Catherine couldn’t wait another year. Father couldn’t afford to do so but had face to keep, and Hector had made a promise. Promises must be kept. Here, promises outlive us all.

‘Katrin! Katrin wait!’ a voice called from beyond the pier. Dougald came running toward them with a bottle and a note inside, placed it in Catherine’s hands and whispered ‘He's here’.