• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 11
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Jo Needs

to play her harp
but her fingers pluck floor boards.

to sit daintily in her white evening gown
but wears a black oxygen mask and bottle.

to be an ornament sat on a mantle piece
but we gaze at her image online.

to play music and hear the notes deliver
their messages but all is silence.

to see clearly her instrument's shape
but the mask hazes her vision.

to move away from our gaze
as she doesn't like being stared at,

all her imperfections on show,
the degradation of the mask and bottle.

the absurdity of her harp strings
gawked at like an exhibit.

an artist's statement.
her role in life to never change.

diligently brushed clean with soft hair.
to be a conversation piece.