• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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Jewel of the seasons has risen
Free like a spirit floating with the midnight sun,
Spring opening its door without strings,
In explosive energy that kindred the horizon
The sky glitters without shadows.

Spring is here with a door to journey through,
As the horizon floats in its love
Adventure is a must for the hopeful and enduring,
Come let us enjoy life as if promise,
Like the pine trees sprouting spring leaves
This is the season of peeling bells
Crystal bridal gown and decorative aisles

Petrified nature freed from the grip of the harsh wizard
As spongy earth blooms with pungent wild scents,
The ocean is blue again,
Frosty waters burping with fishes
Hibernating mammals in burrowed trenches resurrected once more

When the living becomes dust
The peal of the trumpet call will be heard in spring,
That bright morning lush and heavenly,
The smell of Eden perfumes the sky
Like dolphins with arms inter locked
Floating merrily in love