• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 05


If I told you how I really feel,
Seeing her growing out of me…
My ‘rebento’, my soul,
The best part of what I can be,
Growing, growing out… Away from me.

Would you mother,
hold my hand against your heart,
With love and compassion for this broken pain?
Would you say “I feel for you my darling,
As I also know the loss of a daughter that has gone away”?
Would you hug me tight and deep,
Until all my fears of loneliness and despair disappear?

Or would you just laugh at me,
And say how weak and pathetic I can be?
Would you say instead that I am indeed like you,
And now I will finally know…
How much pain I have caused when I left you,
Or how much still it feels like a broken heart
When my sister never calls you back?

No, Mother!
I don’t want to hear that you feel the same as I feel,
For my daughter has left me,
With a smile and a kiss on my forehead…
But, I still will miss her so bad,
Being my baby, being my child,
This small creature that needed me more than anything in the world,
And that only found comfort when I held her in my arms.



Oh, Mother!
Why can’t you really say,
What I so desperately want to hear?
“I feel your pain, my daughter, and I feel your loss,
But that is the way the world goes,
And these are the natural laws of life and love”.

Love is, after all, learning to ‘let go’ of the ones we hold so dearly,
So that one day they can freely, return back to us.