• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

Jellyfish Women

Buoyant as balloons
they float waters,
water nymphs,
playful pixies.

Skirts are oral arms
swaying in fairytales
attracting silly suitors
with seducing colours
of maidenhood
yet once hooked,
fast in love,
they sting fast,
clutching chilled cadavers
in siren worlds.

Pretence is key.

Lure them in
as feeble fairies,
but murder sharp
as sharks’ teeth,
hiding beneath veneers
of soft satins, swirling silks,
damning damask
- all fooling fabrics;
veins of virginal velvet
are trailing veils,
hooking gullible fish


Jellyfish Women

with easy effort
to walk watery aisles
to marry inverted Medusas.

Men are small fry.
Snacks in dress pockets.
A modern, motherly touch.

Nacreous nighties
billow as sails,
as they float,
jellyfish women,
holding fairy wands
in tentacles of torment
for no wishes are granted here:
a place of fairytale deception;
a lair of pretty facades,
hiding reality
as caped politicians
promising sky-rise promises;
duplicitous leaders
(macabre superheroes)
dangle as flies in dishonest webs,
spin doctoring their own demise.
For nobody escapes (even wordsmiths)!

When times are lean
(few kills),
jellyfish women
dispel fairy-dust;
mother-of-pearl sheen


Jellyfish Women

glistens like gold
piercing the water top;
fishermen beady-eye down,
lost in channels of make believe
where beautiful women
make love with bashful eyes,
donning Venetian ceruse cheeks
and fully rouged mouths:
kissable slits of fire.

One gaze is fatal.
Intoxicating like ether.

Fishermen fall in droves,
duped, sensually-stunned.

Jellyfish women regale
(another triumph over man)
as they twist corpses
within bell-domed worlds:
a place where no religion dwells,
no bells chime,
only deathly dirges
as jellyfish women
gregariously giggle,
counting prey
in full, belching stomachs.