• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 02
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The Jedi Master

I've seen it done in the movies, well, one movie in particular. I remember it was one of Master's favourites. It was a marvel to behold, the way he swished his hand, his persuasive tone of voice. I whiled away the long daylight hours waiting for Master, practicing and perfecting my paw wave - eye movements - voice.

It is said that this trick works only on the weak-minded, those easily persuaded, so I experimented first with the younger dogs. Eventually I conned all the neighbourhood dogs out of bones and treats, and I was beginning to think there was none who could resist me after I tricked a prize-winning staffie into giving me his studded diamond collar. It was frighteningly easy.

Feeling confident I tried it on my Master.

It was 'Come Dancing' night, so I tried to get him to change channels. Strangely, all he did was burst into tears (it's a work in progress) still, nice to know it has potential...

Well, it went over the edge this morning (my enthusiastic Master was to blame). I tried all sorts of methods to bring it back - whistling, shouting, I even tried threatening it - damn thing still sits there in the valley. So all I have left is the mind trick (but I'm beginning to think this tennis ball is not so stupid after all).

I guess it learnt a thing or two from the Jedi Master.

(mind you, I haven't tried it on cats yet, I'm not THAT brave!)