• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Its Raining cars!

It’s raining cars!
I told mama Cass,
She turned to stare,
Looked into my eyes,
Then back to the sky,
To “go play outside”,

I ran to the outhouse,
The patio smelt like citrus,
Mama Michelle collected her clementines,
She’d believe my stories,
The cars piled up and up,
“It’s raining cars!”

She turned to me with a smile,
No response I waited awhile,
“Run along to fetch me a basket”
I wished she would listen
To hear the traffic brewing,

To get her basket I went,
And skipped along the apples trees,
Jane Birkin I felt I was as I sang,
The basket in hand that hang,
I could see the cars falling,
A storm I could imagine drawing,


Its Raining cars!

Back into the garden I watched,
The noise,
The sounds,
It was all too much to hear,
Some headphones I grabbed,
A melody to hear only,
The cars I could no longer hear,