• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 07
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It’s a No Brainer !!

A brain without a body, or a body without a brain, which is worse?

A brain without a body can fantasise and imagine it still has a body to function in. Remembering how it was to rule and be in control. The body reacting to his will. Sending out signals to each organ. It would remember how it felt to have a whole body with all it's functions relying totally on him. The power of being so important was immense .

But a body without a brain is even more useless. It can not think, it can not move, it can not remember, it can not imagine- it is dead.

The all powerful, all knowing most important organ of all, the brain, is no longer there. To be relied upon, to be listened to , to await his signals. To live for.

Half a brain would be better than none.


I have none!